The March 8th meeting minutes are now available.

Events and Website Updates

  • 4-18-14  Nice video on the making of a soprano ukulele by Peter Hurney is now available on our Luthier’s Page.
  • 3-22-14  You’re going to see a few changes on the BIUG website as I integrate more opportunity for all members to share.  Some things will be minor, some big.  The first change is minor: a new area called “The BIUG”.   It will contain “administrative items” for BIUG (Mission Statement, Member Pages, How to become a member, and Show Information for those showing ukuleles).  See the drop-down menu item on the top of this page.

    I’ve also added a feature on the Forum to embed videos or pictures you’d like to share.  Just copy the address from your browser’s address bar and paste it into you post.  That easy!

    Finally, I’ve added a new Forum Board called “The Serendititous Ukulele Page” for you all to add and share your interesting tidbits.  Many of the items below are being moved to this new board.

    Comments always appreciated!  Just contact me.

What’s New

  • 3-14-14  A new internet service enables time-syncronized jamming over the net!  Check it out: JamKazam
  • 2-20-14  An interesting piece of information about the TSA rules governing taking your ukulele onto airplanes.  Print this out if you’re about to fly.
  • 2-12-14  Another interesting video, this one on bracing.  Are your chisels this sharp?

  • 2-8-14  For your viewing pleasure and possibly next instrument project.  “Animusic”.  

  • 2-6-14  Be nice to your neighbors.  If trouble is brewing, well check out this article.  
  • 1-10-14   A new Ukulele magazine, "Ukulele Rhythms”, has just released their preview issue.  Go check it out!  Has a nice cross section of uke news including interviews, music lessons, builder discussions and product reviews.  Chuck Moore is the lead-off interviewee.  Chuck, when do you have time to actually work on ukes with all these interviews! ;)

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