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  • 10-15-15 Chris forwarded a nice write-up and a ton of photos about the opening night at Wailoa 2015.
  • 8-26-15 A Styrofoam Cello???  Please read This is what a Styrofoam cello sounds like from Chris to learn about this interesting instrument.
  • 8-10-15 Check out the PBS video about “The Story of the Kamaka Ukulele
  • 8-1-15 Added a link to a "Sheet Goods Optimizer” on the Luthier’s Page.  Easily determine how to cut plywood or other lumber to maximize it’s use!
  • 7-15-15 Tom Russell & Chris Stewart added the “Silly Little Saddle Radius Jigs"
  • 7-03-15 Chris sent along this interesting article "Iraqi musicians play ancient oud to soften din of war”.  I found a version of the article that has a good picture of this unique stringed instrument.
  • 7-03-15 Mike Perdue’s Lilinoe Lifestyle website is now featured on our Retail Outlet Page offering BIUG hand-crafted and other ukuleles for sale
  • 07-11-15 Workshop #3 is schedule for this date at Tom Russell’s Kona shop.  This workshop will build a neck tenoning jig designed specifically for supporting all ukulele sizes.
  • 04-06-15 Revamped the BIUG website to integrate meeting notes and photos on a single page and make it easier to find “llike” items.  Comments Welcome!
  • 1-27-15 Chris found an excellent article on the history of the ukulele.  Very interesting read
  • 12-16-14 Please check out the photos from the Waimea show
  • 10-30-14 Notes from Wailoa 2014 
  • 9-30-14 A nice little read about one person’s efforts to create an Ukulele Museum in Arizona…From Chris
  • 9-11-14  Very inspirational message from Kimo Hussey about Patience

  • 8-29-14  Tom Parse recently sent me a video of his recently created kerning jig.  He created it using parts from around the shop.  Nice!  Maybe this could be a workshop item? Check out the video of the jig in action.
  • 4-18-14  Nice video on the making of a soprano ukulele by Peter Hurney is now available on our Luthier’s Page.
  • 2-12-14  Another interesting video, this one on bracing.  Are your chisels this sharp?

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